Friday, September 16, 2016

Long Distance Relationship.

Have you ever wondered what it s like to miss someone who is miles away? Thinking if they are actually thinking about you ? Thinking if they actually look at you the same way they did before they went away? The thing about long distance relationship is that it gets tiring to answer the what if's. What if he doesnt feel the same way? What if this is not gonna work out? What if the feelings fade? Truth is, it's not as easy as it seems. For me at least. It's so difficult to sustain without having enough trust and telling yourself tha things will get better. As much as the tell you it makes the heart go fonder, sometimes it just doesn't. Sometimes, it just eats your heart out. What makes it more difficult are on days and nights where things are rough and you just wanna tell them all about it and cry on their shoulders and hoping that there would be soothing hugs you can look forward to but you know that you can't. You know that the physical touch you long for is never gonna be there at that time and you prolly have to vent things out on blogs like this. 

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