Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Outwardly brave, inwardly broken

She is aware that you can exit her life as easily as you can enter it.The most terrifying part of allowing someone into your ferociously protected inner world is that once a person chooses to enter, he or she can also turn around and exit at any given time and at that point, it is something we have no control over. The tough girl  knows this from personal experience. It doesn't matter who leaves or what has caused them to leave, it always hurt. The feeling of losing someone always hurt. It sometimes wanna make you feel like you never wanna let anyone in anymore. It's like its pointless and not worth the risk. She knows that your words could cut her. She tries not to have any hopes when it comes to you but she can't. Though she is so seemingly fierce and unbreakable something as vapid as a mere word could actually scar her steel skin. The thing about this outwardly brave and inwardly fragile and broken girl is that once she grants you permission to enter her life and make a difference, she plans to keep you in that guarded life of hers forever.that is why she is so specific to whom she allows in.

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