Monday, August 4, 2014

Truth is, I'm not okay.

"That feeling that bugs the crap out of you where all you do is over think, that shit sucks. You know when you thought that you're over something because you think you’re over it but when you're alone, at night, random thoughts rambling in your head, just wishing that everything would be fine when morning comes and hoping that the decision is the right one. And then you realised how fucking stupid for you to believe your own lie? You know when you want to do something, but you know it's wrong. You just know it's one of the most stupid wrong things to do. But, it makes you happy and you love it. And then comes another one, that you loved before. Check the grammar. It makes you happy but you know you can never get it back cause, you just lost it. It doesn't end here. Then come your friends, who think you only have one opinion/choice whatever the word is in your head but you don't know what to do. You don't even know what you're feeling or how to feel. They just keep pressuring you over this matter. Because they think you're doing fine when you are the girl that cries herself to sleep, every night.

 Because the truth is, you're not okay."

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