Sunday, May 11, 2014


Its been ages since i ranted things out on this blog and i guess each time that i actually write, i end up posting something emotional and sad. For the past few days, all these emotional loop has gone from bad to worse and at this point, it seems to be slowly eating me up. Its like pressure and stress everywhere and expectations to conform and live up to. It's like relationships are getting weirder and weirder that I can no longer make sense out of it. Sometimes it makes me wonder what it feels to be so heartless. Well, this is due to the fact that i see people around me acting up and putting up a shield and be end up becoming heartless motherfuckas like God knows why. Its kinda weird how all these heart , feelings and emotions work. Its like one that its so clear on what u want and how u feel and the next, its just so vague that u start doubting yourself. Urgh. All these rants during study week. May God ease evrything fr all of us  :')

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