Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Ramadan 2013 taught me :)

Ahlan Wahsalan  Syawal!  and Hello everyone!

2013 marks the 3rd year of me trying to fast and it has been nothing but EXTRAORDINARY! This year's Ramadhan has taught me so many things. More than I can ever imagine. To know more, continue reading! :)

Firstly, I learnt what Lailatul Qadar is. Something I have been hearing all my life and never knew what it was about.  Now, everything is so much clearer. So, NO MORE WONDERING! :D

Secondly, I learnt that Ramadhan is a great month to start making and breaking a habit. For example, any irrelevant acts can be put to stop and replaced with a good habit. I noticed most of most friends who started many new habits and even managed to "khatam" their Quran in the month of Ramadhan. So proud of them! ;D

Thirdly, I learnt the magnificent power  and importance of prayers. I saw so many of my peers breaking down and going through difficult times during Ramadhan. However, they never failed to pray and pray and pray. Each and everyday I see my friends walking to the Musolla for their Tarawikh prayers, and not only that, some even went around the mosques in Sungai Petani to perform their prayers. They have again opened  my eyes to how important and magnificent prayers are to them. *salute*

Next, I learnt that Faith is knowing and believing, not wondering and doubting. :) 

One of the greatest lesson is the fact that I learnt how precious patience and perseverance
are. This Ramadhan showed me the importance of patience and perseverance and that as humans, our greatest virtue is patience and perseverance. :') It's difficult to be patience under certain situations, but there is no such thing as not trying.  ;)

Next, I learnt about imperfections. Like how, us humans are not expected to be perfect, no one is and no one is capable of being absolutely perfect. Perfection is an attribute solely belonging to God. But you are expected to try your best. God knows your struggles, He isn’t oblivious to them at all. :')

And lastly, I learnt about the importance of a strong and positive mindset. How our mindset determines how successful we can be. Without it working in your favour, you won’t be able to believe, act, and focus when striving towards your goals of success and happiness.It's like if convince and remind your mind of positivity and the awareness of success being a real and constant opportunity for you. It will change how you look at life, and will make everything a whole lot brighter. This was undeniably true for me. I have to keep a positive mind on every single thing to ensure that my attempts to fast would be successful. And, it surely was. Thanks to the positive mindset I had :D

And ouh, before I forget, I learnt all about Asma Al Husna and how when my friends were kids, their ustazah used to teach them a song for them to memorise the 99 names. How adorable.

Basically, this year's Ramadhan has been AWESOME. The experience, the food and all the challenges. Definitely looking forward for next year's Ramadhan. Since we're all gonna bid goodbye to Ramadhan, I wanna take this opportunity to wish all you readers

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin :)

May this month of Syawal be better, greater and blessed one for all of you :)

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