Monday, June 10, 2013

Student Competitions

Hey everyone! So it's been quite some time since I last posted something on this blog. Well, so here goes. Its been a boring 2 weeks holiday for me and as usual, my holidays would be filled with tonnes of writing competitions to join or articles to write. Truth to be told, it has been very stressful and tiring. 

So this holiday has been a start for something new for me. I actually came across a website where you can look and search for any competitions that are held locally and globally.  The website caters to different age groups and qualifications as it provides competitions for everyone GLOBALLY. Yes, GLOBALLY. So it does not really matter where you're from or what course you're taking in college, there are many competitions for you to try your luck and test your skills.

This website is an avenue where you get to compete, show your skills and get awarded your efforts. I believe that it is a great avenue for all youth out there to go on and challenge yourself by joining the competitions posted and advertised! 

I've been blabbering about the website and have yet given you guys the link. Well, here it is : Student Competitions Wanna know one more amazing thing? You can be part of the STUDENT COMPETITION GLOBAL AMBASSADORS as well. And if you want to know if you have what it takes, well head on and click the  link above. I assure you, No regrets. I have been part of the ambassadors for less than a week and I see so much opportunity for me and for everyone out there. 

So, what are you waiting for! Go on and explore Student Competitions now! Have fun everyone. :)

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