Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In silence until appreciated

         Semester 5 has finally ended. The dramas, the stress, the theories that I have learnt finally ended. Currently on a 3 weeks break where everything seems so out of place and messed up. Don't feel so good about the exams that I sat for, don't feel so good about being home and what's worse is that I don't feel so good about being me. I guess there should be some changes made. Maybe, I should have done things differently. Maybe i should have listened more to myself than to the others around me. The voices, their thoughts, none of it should really matter actually. I should learn to look at what's there for me in the future rather than to dwell with the past and gallivanting so much on the present. Truth is, this feeling seems to be bugging me more than it ever was that it makes me feel like all I wanna do is shut myself up and remain silent. Apparently, i don't feel so appreciated by those around me and again this adds up to the stupid feelings that i am currently feeling. Just can't wait for all of these to end. And while waiting, I'll just remain silent. :')

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