Tuesday, February 12, 2013


For the past one month or so, I have seen way too many issues on relationships and love. May it be good or bad, it just seems like the issues are highlights of my every day in January and early February. It's sad when i see those closest to me going through such problems. Sometimes, it makes me feel like there is no purpose in trying to risk our hearts, feelings, emotions and time when there is such a high chance if getting hurt. It kinda annoys me when i see some people who are in relationship and yet acts as single as fuck. Come on, give your heart a break from such nonsense will you? Being in a surrounding where things are not really happy and joyful most of the time, i know that it hurta to go through all these mental and emotional torchure of relationship. Sometimes, all we wanna do is just give up but yet we hold on because we cling on too much and too hard on the memories. These rantings are simply here cause i am bored and i have not been blogging. But to all of you who got your hearts broken, just remember that you always have God. And remember that it takea something to fall apart before something greater can take place. Just stay strong in going through all those sleepless,lonely nights. Somehow, God always have a better plan for us than we do ourselves.

Much love, eva :)
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