Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Remember that night

Remember that night. That night 1 month ago. That night which revolved around tears and sadness and goodbyes at the same time happiness? Do you remember? Do you remember how you put your arms around me telling me that everything is going to be fine? Do you remember how I cried so badly that I refused to go home? Do you remember how that day started off pretty well? The movies, the pizza, the talks? Do you remember the birthday promise u made to me that night? Do you remember the warm short kiss you gave me on my forehead that night before you left? Do you remember how happy we were? Do you? 

You see, at this point so many things have changed. From the amount of texts and calls and time we have for one another. At some point, it feels like everything has lost its' sparks. Like there is no value to it anymore. At some point, it feels like a one sided thing. And honestly, it sucks. That feeling sucks. That feeling where you feel as though you're the only one that cares, the only one that loves and the only one that actually has time. 

But then again, I'm just gonna put them all aside. I know it's gonna be fine. I know that distance is the reason that all of these are happening. I know that things change and feelings  fade, And I know that what I felt for you from the very first day we met is the exact same feeling I still have at this point. Just maybe, at this point, it is of a larger scale. 

Till then, 

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