Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life as an educator

This article was published on NST online :)

Life as an educator. Easy? Day in and day out, I hear so many people around me telling me that being a teacher is the easiest job ever existed. Well, I would have to disagree on this. Strongly disagree. Educating a child is more than just teaching the symbols of the alphabet or the arrangements of numbers from 1 to 10. It is more than that.

Being in a teaching institution, I have learnt that being a teacher is more difficult than it seems. In teaching young learners, there are many principles that should be put forth and development of moral values amongst pupils is also very important. Every element is put into consideration to assure that our pupils are well developed.

Some claims that the pay of a teacher is much more than we deserve. Again, I will have to disagree. Us teachers earn about a few thousand (2 to 3k for new teachers) and it is not that much compared to the work load that we have to complete. It’s not merely entering class and teaching. Do you know that we need a lesson plan for every lesson taught a reflection as well as teaching aids and ICT integration in our teaching each and every day? To tell you the truth, every single penny that teachers earn are because of their own hard work. It is never easy to choose a method, a material or approach that will fit our pupils best. It takes time and time is money. So why debate over it?

In addition, many have the idea that our work ends a 1pm every day for most teachers, but that is far from true. Yes, on certain days, most teachers would go back at about 2pm but on days of the week where there are house practices, extracurricular activities as well as additional classes, teachers would stay back in school up till dusk.

The point is, it is never easy to be in any line of occupation. Appreciate and respect. Even if there is a need to question, question with respect and respect you shall receive.

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