Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 1197

Day 1197
23rd November 2012

It is the 2nd week of the semester holidays and honestly, things did not go well. Not with him, nor with her friends. It seems as though things were so dreadful. She needs to live in a felicity state. It came to a point today that she felt that she was losing him and she knows it is something she can’t bear. 
So there she goes, writing this out on the 1197th day, hoping that from now onwards, every little memory of him would be typed out instead of spoken out. Maybe it's better to give space than to be part of it. Maybe, it's better to let him live life by himself than be part of it. You see, there are so many maybe's and it's just taking up too much space in her mind. It may be too late but she knows that it is still worth it. She’ll wait. She’ll cry and she will cover her sadness with a smile, but she will never ever love him less. That is a promise. A promise that she made months or maybe years ago, but definitely she will keep forever. With a sealed heart and an aching one, she now leaved everything to the Almighty. 

Quote of the entry : 
 When God gives us happiness,HE's testing our loyalty towards him.When HE gives us test & weakness,HE's testing loyalty of people around us :')

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