Thursday, August 16, 2012

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     I know I don’t usually do this. But I found AN EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL website for all you readers! Well you see, I have always been wanting to have my own website to sell my pre loved items but I just couldn’t find the right avenue to start with. But then, a few days back as I was going through websites for my assignment research, I found the coolest and the one of the most affordable place to actually start with. And you wouldn’t even believe how affordable they are.

   This great Malaysia Web Shop is known as Webshop999, This site is a complete ecommerce solution where you are given the chance to create simple, elegant and powerful web shop with purpose in Malaysia. You see, this will actually benefit you in expanding your business! Come to think of it, I believe that this is actually a great avenue for me to start running my business as well J Webshop999’s ecommerce websites and applications will help you grow your online business and allow your buyers to have an easier and secure way of buying the products that they are most interested in.

    I bet now all of you readers are wondering about the packages that they offer, aren’t you? Well, before I give all of you a head start of the features, let me introduce the free tools available. You see, this is actually a great deal for all of us. Not only is the price affordable, it also offers FREE TOOLS J Yes, I sense the same happiness too J

So you see, the one above is just ONE of the free tools given by webshop999. Among the other free tools include :

                Youtube, Metacafe & Zamzar  
                Invoice Journal  & Free Online accounting software

Google Keyword Tool
                Google Pack - List of free software from Google (Adobe Reader,Skype,avast! Free Antivirus,Google Apps,Google Picasa,Google Talk and more!)

So you see, how can you say no these offers? Looking forward for the plans? Scroll down for more information J

now this , 

and there's more! 

* Double click the images for a larger view* 
No regrets, believe me :)

 So you see, there so many packages to choose from to cater to different needs. I must say, that it is the ideal place for aspiring businessman/woman to start off their online business. 
What are you waiting for? Contact webshop999 NOW for more information and to get a great start with online business now.

 This web is so cool, they even have a form for you guys to fill up just for you to contact them So, what are you waiting for? Get you business gears up and give them a call :)

 I have found my perfect avenue to start mine, and I'm hoping you readers will as well. Have a great weekend ahead lovelies. :))

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