Sunday, August 5, 2012


The past 10 days of my life have been the hardest for me. The toughest for me to endure. The days where every smile was fake. Every tear was real and every heart aching moment seems suicidal. It was as though every part of me was torn to pieces. I never knew that I would be so affected by the fight. It was inevitable. I was standing on solid ground yet I felt as though I'm being pulled into a quick sand where no one was gonna save me. It was just so difficult. It made me felt like I had no one to turn to. Sleepless nights every night and panda eyes every morning. It's a surprise that I'm still alive. I want this to end so badly. I want it to end at this very moment. Now. I want all this sleepless nights to end. I wanna be loved like I was loved before. I wanna have all those strength I used to have. I wanna be again. The past 10 days taught me one important thing. It taught me that :

You can't always be happy nor can you always be sad. But, you can always pray. Every single time life takes a rough road, pray. Every time you get hurt, pray. When in absolute difficulty, pray. God listens to the softest prayer of the heart of every child. 

I hope that with God softens his heart in response to my prayers. :') 

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