Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patience is a great virtue

I need a firmer grasp on something

I can’t seem to make out what though… Everything has been flying by—words, noise… people. A lot of the times I’m just like fuck it. But there are times when I can’t get myself to look past, and forget them. I’d like to believe that I’m always myself—honestly and truthfully me. But I constantly find myself getting caught between who I am and who people think I am. Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself.Those words haunted me, and probably still are. I honestly don’t know what they mean. How would I know when I’m truly myself? How would they know when I’m truly myself? Chances are, I will never, and they will never.
I don’t think this will get any easier. I don’t want to be the person that shuns the entire world because of a few broken promises. I’m sure the pain isn’t eternal and time will eventually take over. I’m just terribly impatient.
Yeah, patience, that’s definitely it. 

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