Saturday, August 18, 2012


Barricade,  is any object or structure that creates a barrier or obstacle to control or  block passage. And deep down in me, I have always wanted to be a barricade for someone. At least a barricade to assure that my loved ones are not in danger. It's like when you become a barricade that saves someone's life, you instantly become a superhero. I mean, at least it is more realistic than Superman or The Avengers. I wanna be the barricade for those girls out there who lost their hope, strength and faith after numerous heartbreaks. I wanna be the barricade to all those single parents out there who are trying so hard to live a good life with their family. I wanna be the barricade to those special needs kids who are often isolated and alienated because of their differences. I wanna be the barricade to all those innocent kids who lost their parents in the war. I wanna be the barricade that helps all of them go through their days in life feeling blessed rather than depressed. I know what it's like to not have someone around especially when you need them the most, and I want that to change. At least for those who are less fortunate out there. Therefore, i'm on a mission in becoming a barricade for those in need. And the journey starts off today!

I'm gonna be your barricade. 

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow :)

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