Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Read this, God made you special

I know this is a random note, but when I look at you I know you have your worries and doubts in life too. So, don’t try to be too hard to yourself k. Read this, every word of this note. It’s important, and I assure you, no regrets.

Firstly, take time to pray to God, He will answer your prayers and give you strength. You are beautiful. God made you for reasons bigger than life. Don’t trip when things go wrong, because people will disappoint and abandon you, but God will never. Dream big & never give up, and i see all you at the top. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. When you really want to give up, think of the reason why you started in the first place. Remember a myriad people love you and your existence gives them happiness. You are worthy, you are amazing. You are beautiful, you may not see it but I do. If you never give up, you never fail.

Do everything with love, and make the best out of what you got. God gave us what we need, not what we want. One day you will meet someone who will never fail to make you smile. You can’t stop trying now, you gotta reach for the stars& land on the clouds. Push- pray until something happens. Trust in Him, He will direct you in the right turn. Frog- fully rely on Him. The greatest gift you can give someone is a true sincere smile. You have two hands, one to help others, one to help yourself. Life is never perfect, but just know it’s worth it. Life isn’t about the happy ending, it’s about the struggles and the journey. Don’t be selfish. Breathe. Be loyal, be kind, be grateful. Be loving, be forgiving. Be happy. Be patient, slow to anger. Now that’s a virtue.

Take time to talk to God. Take walks. Love what you do. Be optimistic, be inspiring. Do things you’re afraid to do. But make sure your intentions are good. Open your heart and let God take over. He is the reason you’re living. Don’t let the world make you harsh& bitter. Be soft. Accept all the hardship in life as a test. Remember that God is always there for you when the rest disappoints you. Only God knows what is in someone’s heart and mind, what you see on the outside is not always a reflection of what you assume is on the inside.

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