Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is love?

Now, “what is love?” is an opinion based question. Everyone has their own definition and interpretation for love; here’s mine in complete detail.

Definition of love: a deep and passionate attraction between two people who were drawn to each other from the start.

Feelings you get when you have a crush: You see them and your heart stops. You find yourself smiling like an idiot. You may have thoughts that you could already be fully in love. You think about them all the time, and spend all of your time waiting for their call/text/etc. You feel like they are a necessity, and you can’t concentrate on anything else.

Feelings you get when you are in like: You get nervous when you’re going out to see them. You dress to impress, but you still criticize yourself to no end, thinking that nothing would be good enough. You start to worry that something’s wrong when they don’t call when they say they will. You have the feeling that you want to be with them all the time, but you feel like it might be too much at the same time. You feel self-concious about going “over the top.” You start to notice their flaws, and paying more attention to yours.

Feelings you get when you are in love: You feel comfortable around that person, as if you could be spending time with a best friend and you’d still act the same. Yet, you will still sometimes get nervous when they do things for you or when you go out for a date. You know that they accept you for all that you are, and you accept them as well. You know all of their flaws, and not only do you accept them, but you love them as well. You don’t have doubts, but sometimes you do have fears about the future, which is normal. You don’t expect things, but you hope for the best. You share a lot with this person, the most being your time. And you basically just feel like you are home when you are with them.

I believe that love comes in any shape or size. Fat people can be loved by skinny people, and vice versa. Black can be loved by white, and vice versa. Men can love men. Women can love women. Anyone can love anyone they want to.

I believe that there is no ugliness when it comes to love. Two people can be the most annoying, spiteful, mean people in the world. However, that is what makes them amazing together. Falling in love brings out the best in people, even the worst kinds of people.

I believe that love is not prejudice, and it has no identity. Some find it hard to believe in love because there is so much hate and evil people in the world. Love is still there. Like I said above, everyone finds love. Criminals can fall in love with other criminals. Dictators will fall in love with someone just as deceitful. No matter how horrible things seem, love is always there.

I believe that people can fall in love in most ways. I believe that you can fall in love with someone you met on the internet just by talking through AIM or MSN. That also means that I truly believe in long distance love. However, I do not believe in love at first sight. I don’t think that love can come out solely from physical attraction.

I believe that love can be felt at any age. It’s less likely that someone will fall in love at fourteen, but it is possible.

I do not believe that you see past someone’s imperfections/flaws when you fall in love with someone. When you fall in love with someone, you notice every single one of their flaws, bad habits, imperfections, etc. But you fall in love with them. You see them as just more amazing things to your already wonderful partner.

I do not believe that you only fall in love with someone once, or in that quote “there is no past tense with love; either you still love them, or you never did.” Love is a feeling. And like any other feeling, it fades, sometimes for no reason at all. And just like any other feeling, it can come back at any given time.

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