Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank you

To those people who hurt me, thank you.

To those people who’s snaked me and left me when they promised they would always be there, thank you.

To those people who tried to take advantage of me, thank you.

You’re probably thinking why I’m thanking these people. Well to the ones who hurt me, I thank you because you’ve just made me a stronger person. Every tear that I’ve shed just gave me every reason to stay stronger, not for them but for myself. They’ve made me realize that bad things are not going to be there forever, good things will eventually happen.

To the ones who snaked me, thank you for making me realize who’s worth it. Now I know who my REAL friends are, the ones who can actually be there for me, and the ones that I can actually open up to without any judgement. The ones who can actually be there when I need them, and who will never give up on me. My inspirations to keep going.

And to the ones who tried to take advantage of me. Because of you I know not to settle for less than I deserve. I learned how to build stronger walls, and to have high expectations. I found every reason to smile because there ARE people you wouldn’t take advantage of me. There are people who will accept all my flaws, and love me for who I really am.

ps: this has NOTHING to do with my fave average joe.

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