Thursday, December 1, 2011

Long Distance Relationships

It’s vulnerable. The pain of knowing you cannot see the person you love everyday, or possibly even once a week. It painful to know that you can’t kiss them, hug them, and even touch them on one of your special days. But their’s something about long distance relationships that is truly amazing. One, it teaches you that love can travel so far, it shows you that love will go that extra mile for anyone. And two, It builds up the trust and honesty in the relationship. Yeah, you may not see their face at least once a week. But once you have them in your arms it feels as if you two are the only people in this world. It feels as if life is finally going the way you’ve always wanted it to. Everything just seems so perfect. The feeling of your heart racing when you see them smiling, to know that you’re finally in their arms. To be able to look deep into their eyes, and passionately say “I love you”.

Yes this does feel impossible, to know you are miles away from someone you love. But love conquers all, with love nothing is impossible. And once you find your other half. Never let them go no matter how hard the situation is. Yes, love does wait. But love doesn’t wait forever. Take risks, but trust it, feel it, and embrace it.

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