Tuesday, November 29, 2011

To his future wife.

Here's a little guidance. Firstly, trust him okay? He always acts tough around his friends. But its just an act. Laugh at his jokes even when they aren't funny. It makes him happy. Never be the one to let go of his hugs first, it puts a huge smile on his face. Always hold his hands when he reach for it because it doesn't come often . Hold it tight, press it on your face and kiss it. Smile at him whenever you see him, just so he would know he still have you no matter what he's through right now.

Understand his shortcomings, nobody's perfect. He may annoy you sometimes but really, he will always love you. And even if he doesn't call you or text you, do remember that you are always in his mind. He thinks about you, and you will always be his first priority. Understand him when he's jealous. He just don't want any other guy to steal you from him. Because you will always be the most beautiful thing in his world.

In the middle of your kiss, smile or laugh. Kiss him on the forehead and touch his face. Play with his hair and stand so closely to him to annoy him. Love cats as much as you love him. he hates those who hates cat. Remember all his favourite games because that's all he ever does. I mean, he spends a lot of time on his games. Forgive him when he forgets to text you when he indulges in his games. He did not forget you, he just forgot to text you. Remember important things about him, because when you forget, he gets upset. Understand his love for football and Arsenal. He hates Manchester United and he is totally nuts over football.

Through it all, LOVE HIM. Like you've never have done before. He's yours in future . And realize that you have a great guy. Because HE'S THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD. With all the best wishes, take care of him. I know he's not coming back, so never give up on him. Because I'm sure that when he loves, he would love with all his heart. I may have him now, but i don't know what the future may bring, so love him. Always. Loving him may hurt, but trust me, he'll teach you how to be strong. :") I know he taught me that.

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Anonymous said...

satu future wife, satu future gf. Firstly, ko mmg xkn dpt die. So abek ko move on. tanye la die psal awek die yg bersepah kat kulim tu. Die hnye nk gunekn ko je kat mktb. x caye ckp aku, ko tgk la nnti mesti die akn tunggalkn ko secara mengejut. Aku brani bet la. Pasni ang msti nk kutuk aku sbb gune anonymous kn? Aku malas nk gado. Ko tu muke dh lawa, p la crik laki len. die bkn sgt kt ko pun. Paham? Bodoh.Harap je nk jdi cikgu. Sumpah ko bodoh