Friday, April 15, 2011

Because memories remain the same but people change

I'm truly sorry for not blogging lately. Been so caught up with piles of assignments in college. Life has been pretty hectic and a lil bit depressing lately. Its like, 2011 has gone from bad to worse. I have been spending way too many nights crying over fools in my life and have had too many things in mind when I should let people know how I really feel. I sometimes wonder why I am always so immersed with what people think of me when it actual fact, it doesn't really matter. I wonder why my principles of life have changed just to make room for people around me. The point is, it is seemingly pointless for me to wonder now because everything is done and my life is pretty much in a mess right now. Its just something that I cant comprehend now. Its POINTLESS.

I find myself in a total mess right now just because I can be upset over the most petty things ever. Its as though Im emotionally depressed or something. And i find it so hard to write now. Writing has always been a great passion of mine and it sucks that I cant even write a paragraph without the feeling of lost hope. What is worse now is that, I realised that everything that matters so much to me right now will one day pass by and it is going to hurt. And I realised that I will have way too many yesterdays behind me and very few tomorrows to look forward to lastly, I finally realised that the tomorrow matters much more than the yesterdays. Im not ready for any drastic changes in my life now. Dear lord, make me stronger please. Amen.

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