Thursday, January 22, 2015

Because Im that girl and tonight is that night.

Im that girl that believes in karma. Im that girl that is hopeful for a better day each night before I head to bed. Im that girl that wont give up on you. That girl that spends her days thinking that she is unlike the rest and hoping that it's true. The girl that spent her days smiling and loathe the day but love the night because it's the nights that could help her feel better. That girl who spent her nights crying under her comfy pillow wishing and wanting for things to get better. I'm that girl who has the desire to love and be loved in return. Im that girl who looks tough and strong but breaks down every little time and picks herself up on her own each time she falls. I'm that girl who was left undone. Im that girl who couls never sort things out and tonight, im that girl who was helplessly disappointed with herself. I guess that's it. Goodnight bitter sweet hearts. ❤

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