Friday, August 24, 2012

Farewell Ramadhan.

A few things this Ramadan has taught me

©       Be prompt and be steady. If you’re able to wake up and have something to eat an hour before starting your fast,  then realise that after Ramadan, waking up an hour prior to worship is just as critical. Be steady in throughout the day and be prompt in your tasks. It worked for me J

©       Be wise. Recognise that certain events of the day do not call for frustration, anger, or responses that will upset you and upset others. Choose your battles, and remember that Godis pleased with those whom are patient. 

©       I learnt the importance of the Al Quran. I learnt that my Muslims friends read the Quran more than they usually do every day. They showed to me that one shall not neglect Quran, for neglecting Quran is neglecting the message of Allah. Their motivation and persistency in reading the Quran makes me so proud of them.

©       Amplifying sins and belittling deeds. My friends taught me that EVERYTHING that you do for the sake of Allah should not be taken as a source of pride; you have not done Allah a favour instead you have done yourself a favour.  I learnt throughout Ramadhan than you should multiply all deeds more as well as avoid yourselves from the smallest sins.

©       With hardship comes ease. Last Ramadan was an ultimate challenge and test for me.. This Ramadan has been different, as though nothing has happened the previous year. I had so many friends who helped me go through Ramadhan successfully. They showed me that the hardhip I felt in the last Ramadhan actually made it easier for me this year.

©       Ramadhan taught me the importance of prayers. That feeling I get when I see my friends getting ready for their prayers and going to the Musolla together for terawikh, nothing beats that feeling. They were so united and even more united than I have ever seen them.

©       Ramadhan taught me persistency and patience. I’m not really a patient person.I get mad even when I don’t get food. But Ramadhan changed that. It made me realised how important it is to be patient in life. And you know, the feeling you get after breaking fast, that feeling is priceless J  And persistency? Well, that was the one key that was internalised in me and got me going from day 1 to the very last day J

So basically, it taught me so many things. Honestly, fasting is really not that hard. I survived and it showed and taught me so many things. There are no actual reason why I fast, it was just as an experience for me. And you know what, Ramadhan is now, one of my favourite months of the year. It taught me so much that I could not even write in this post. J  Go give yourself a head start next ramadhan, because honestly I MISS RAMADHAN. I miss the atmosphere, the persistency I used to have and definitely the patience J At this point of my life, I appreciate the holy month of Ramadhan more than I usually do. Now, I feel like an awesome Malaysian . heee


Ateyn Bella said...

waaaaa, boleh convert da ni :P

Nick Nashram said...

nice entri..i'm also looking forward to welcoming the month of Ramadan :)

email said...

semoga kita bertemu pada ramadhan yang akan datang :)

Nur Izni Atiqah Bt Mohamed Ismail said...

like dis entry :)

fatihah azemi said...


o man, i miss ramadhan too. :')