Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 8- What makes you different from everyone else

Hello Bloggers! This is a continuation of the 15 days challenge.
Day 8, what makes me different :)

Truth is, I really can't tell what makes me different from the others. But I personally believe that it is the way that I deal with my emotions that makes me different from the others. Being a girl, most people would assume that all I ever do when I am upset is cry, but that's indeed wrong. Apparently, I am one being that cries my heart and lungs out for a very short period of time and tries to get rid of the sadness or from being upset. And if I know I could not deal with the heart aches, I would turn on my laptop, open up Microsoft word and start ranting about my emotions and try my best to write it all out. So, basically what makes me different is that I prefer to pour my heart out on pieces on paper by writing a story than merely crying. The reason for such action is because it would allow me to read what I have written when I am done crying and feeling sad. :)

Apart from writing when I am upset, I deal with sadness through exercising. And I believe that it makes me different from most of my other friends. What I'll do is run miles after miles just to get rid of the unstable and negative emotions and feelings. It allows me to break free from my problems. It makes me feel like there is a point in my life where I can just be me and the only thing to focus on is the jogging tracks. It is as though there is nothing to worry about :) It is definitely a great way of dealing with my problems. It's hard to judge myself -.-'' So i guess that's all :D

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