Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Because there are ways to love me.


This is my rendition on Bob Marley’s quote on how to love a woman. There is only way to love a woman. It’s by living in the moment. Nothing else matters. It does not matter whether you are her first, or her last, or anything in between. When you are with her, you are with her alone. Accept her imperfections for that is where her beauty lies, we are all human after-all. If she makes you laugh and feel liberated, hold onto her. She may not be thinking about you every waking second, she may not always be right by your side. But know this, that she trusts you with the most vulnerable thing she can offer to another - her heart. So never hurt her or try to change her, love for who she is. Tell her the happiness she stirs inside of you, tell her when she makes you mad, be honest with her, let her know when you miss her, and most importantly treat her like a woman. She does not need to be catered to, put on pedestal, or undermined, or pushed around. She is your everything, does not matter what may or may not happen in the future, you are here and right now with her. Love her the most you can at this very moment, nothing else is important.

PS : I love you

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PinQib said...

have faith. be strong =)