Thursday, March 17, 2011

Start Again - Sam Tsui :')

What hurts a lot is to see the one you love, loving someone else. But then again, despite the hurt, if they are happy, you should be too :') I'm trying to be positive with everything that has been going on around me lately. I used to believe that you and I would be the first page of a perfect fairy tale but now, I'm having doubts. I once quoted in my blog that making the same mistake twice is choice and now I would like to clarify things a little. Yes, second mistake made is definitely a choice. But we are all humans and humans make stupid choices, well at least I know I did.

All this while I've seen people around me and even myself going through the same situation. A situation which test pretty much every muscle in your body. A situation where you end up liking or loving someone who does not feel the same way towards you. Well, loving someone that doesn't love you is like reaching for the stars. You know you'll never reach it but you're still trying because you know that there is at least an ounce of hope left in you. I've been there, done that and in fact going through it.

For the past few days, I have realised that all I ever wanted is for that special someone to be happy. I may not be apart of the happiness, but I know that seeing those smiles and smirks on his face would be worth it. To whoever that may be going through a whole lot depression over life, just remember that this is just something that is temporary. (: People are gonna judge. People are gonna make nasty remarks. And people are definitely gonna try killing you with their words. They will always tell you to move on but hold on if you want to because it is simply your life, not theirs.

Much Love,
evanna :')

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