Saturday, March 12, 2011

And that's the way it is

It has been a while since I last blogged and so many things have been playing around my mind lately. Its like there is never a pause in the way my life is turning. And issues on heartaches have been colouring the pages of my life since early February.

Well, the thing about the heartaches that i went through and dealt with was that it was very surprising. It doesn't actually kill you like a bullet through your heart or like a train wreck that should. Heartaches are more like when someone who promised would always loved you no matter what happens and no matter how many disputes you guys go through bailed and says they have never loved you before. It is like an instant suicide. At this point in my life, i find that getting hurt and going through these unnecessary heartaches is something im immuned to. And bitches, hurt me all u want but you will never ever break me. :)

Next would be the change I see and the freezing of time. I know that everyone has had a moment in which they wish they could just freeze time and look over their own life. I know I have. Im certain that everyone has a point in their life wishing that things would be different and time would freeze where the world would stop turning, and people would stop changing because at that time when it freezes, everything would be beyond perfect. From where I am standing now, I see so many people and things changing. Best friends turn into enemies and things are changing from bad to worse. At this point, I HAVE LOST HOPE. This may sound as if I am giving up, but hell no Im not. :) It is only the beginning of the life Im about to create.

PS :
Your words are not gonna kill me. :)

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