Monday, March 14, 2011

And I still write for you.

First thing first, evanna is one corny, emotional girl who often thinks her life is nothing but another Kurt Cobain suicide. Pretty fucked up isn't it? Well, I am right now getting all this negative vibes from my surrounding and that pretty much explains the emotional posts. You see, the wall of happiness that i had built all this while has gone right down the dark alley of desolation. What im trying to point out here is that there is something i need you to know. All this while, I've been writing for you and always you. Others who read this may not know it but you should. And many may think they know everything but I'm certain that they don't. Andd, all those things that I have ever written about before, it is meant for you and no one else. From where I am standing now, Im just guessing that you somehow have feelings left somewhere within you. There are feelings but its hard to reach. And I somehow wish you could reach the feelings right here right now and just tell me what your heart is telling you. Yes, there may be hurtful things that lie in your soul but im ready. Because right now, all I want is for you to stay even if it means that I will get hurt.

Sometimes I wish I could travel through this distance and or just teleport myself to you and tell you that I really do love you AND fix all the mess I have caused. I would love to live a life with you where you and I would be happy together. A life where I could pick up all these depressing and disastrous feelings and flush them down. Living a life where the clouds are made of cotton candy and where unicorns are real and where being your priority is no longer a delusion. But I know that its far from reality and I am aware of that. :)

I wanna continue expressing my feelings, but i think I should stop now. Goodbye Lovelies. And Im really hoping you'll read this. I heart you A.

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PinQib said...

this is so lovely evaa !!!!

thumbs up

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