Saturday, January 29, 2011

YES, I've changed.

You know what, yes I have changed. Im not as nice as I used to be, because I dont want people to walk over me or use me. I dont trust everyone with my secrets because behind every fucking fake smile is a backstabbing bitch. I distance myself because in the end, people are eventually going to leave me. I have changed simply because I realised that I am the only one I can depend on. There are many reasons why I build my wall so high now. Higher that it has ever been before. Because I don’t want to get close to anyone. Eventually someone fucks up and the other person leaves. Because eventually that person finds someone better. This is why I refuse to get close to anyone. Sure you can try and break down my wall but chances are I’ll think you’re stupid for trying. Its way harder to break than you can ever imagine. Yes, i give in way too easily before but this time when i change, its gonna be totally different, its gonna make you cry. However, i wanna make things clear that even though I've changed, my feelings for you never did. Just you. I will never give up on you and i hope you wont too. But whatever it is, I have changed, going to change more and I definitely have learnt. I have learnt to never get too attached to anyone becuase attachments lead to expectations and expectations lead to disappointment. Something I can never go through without getting hurt.

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