Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello Degree :)

It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was here in IPG KSAH with my parents to register and the next thing i know, its already Semester 4 which makes it the first semester of degree. The first out of 8 semesters. Foundation has been so tough yet meaningful. The fights, arguments and all those petty emotional moments. I wanna make a great change this year. I mean a positive change in the way I see things and the way I live my life. As well as the way I bring myself out in the crowd in campus. Im sick of all those dramas before and now I want it to end. In a much simpler word, im DESPERATE. Im desperate for a change. Good ones of course. I wanna get better grades, I wanna make more and better friends and of course I wanna make this semesters and semesters to come, memorable. Definitely better than those semesters in foundation.

To my friends :

Congrats & lets make our journey a memorable one :)

Lets be a little more mature in ways we handle things,
less fights = less dramas :)

We're gonna fly so high this semester,
higher than G6 & NZ ! wee


Hanis Ayuni said...

ooooyyeeeaaahhhh. hehe. love yea! :)

Bella said...

i'll support u lah, dont worry! muahh muahh!

PinQib said...

tahniah LOL
blajar baik3 yer

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