Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Two - Nine things about you.

Things about Evanna

Fact One - Im a big fan of Manchester United & I hate Arsenal

Fact Two - I love wearing sneakers :) I wish I could wear them to class each day.

Fact three - First impression counts to me but it never last

Fact Four- I believe in karma and i think the whole world is full of hypocrisy n hypocrites.

Fact Five - I cannot go a day without my phone. Its like instant suicide :P

Fact Six - When I'm upset or when something bothers me, I write. I can go on writing for hours non stop.

Fact Seven - I am generally a nice person but once you cross me, I'm sorry I wont regret giving you nightmare each and every time you see me or even hear my name XD

Fact 8 - I dont believe in forever. Never have and never will because I believe that everything in this world is only between the Hellos and Goodbyes.

Fact 9 - I'm egoistic and sensitive. I only say sorry when i mean it and i hate feeling unappreciated :)

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