Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vitamin C - Graduation

i was going through the pictures in my laptop and i realised how much the things and the people around me has changed and grown. Looking back at the photos taken in semester one, everyone seems so close and one thing for sure, as time passes by, we drifted apart. The reason im actually posting these pictures above is just to let you guys know how much i really miss us. And im referring us as in the entire class. :') I couldn;t be more contented than i am right now. you guys are the best. I know i've made mistakes and i knw there were many dreadful moments that we went through together and i know that the cliques in our class are beginning to change. its funny how when you dislike or despise someone, and the next minute, he or she becomes your ultimate best friend. :') I knw ive seen a lot of that happening in our class. i might scream and yell at you guys but deep down, i really do love you guys :') heee! I just miss you guys alright. thats all. Have a great holiday ahead!

the best i have ever had :')


Anonymous said...

u're so sweet !

Hanis Ayuni said...

yea, miss you more and our classmates as well. :')