Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Phone.

Dear phone,

I remember when I used to wake up and be excited to check your screen cause I know that you always had a message for me that would just make me smile stupid.

Like the stupid kind where if I looked in the mirror with that smile, I would probably just want to punch me in the face.

You used to remind me quite often how I can’t spend a few hours without you cause you were my connection to someone; you were very clingy.

And I didn’t mind.

When you were too tired to function, you’d interrupt me and tell me you need a break, so then I would have to plug you in and let you rest a bit.

I’m not sorry by the way.

Lately you’ve been kinda dead. You still call out my attention, but it hasn’t been the same. You don’t make me smile stupid anymore. You used to light up in your pretty cyan lights when you wanted to tell me something; you’re just not as bright anymore.

I think I’m just disappointed that you’ve been quieter. That’s all.

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