Saturday, November 20, 2010

Train - If its love

And tonight as i write this down, im missing you & us and you'll never know.

Dear whoever it may concern.

You know, i admit it was my mistake. I lied. I lied way back in february. I lied because i was afraid of losing you. I lied because i didnt want you to know the truth. I lied out of desperation to save it all. Ive paid for it okayy. I learnt my lessons. I shouldn't have lied. I should have told you the truth. I get it okayy. And yes, you dont believe me and i dont have to try hard because you may never ever believe me again right? Gee. Thanks -.-'

Well, that really sucks because i believe every single thing you say. Yes, I've had my doubts but i no longer do. its my fault. I admit and i can do nothing to fix it. Even if i did , you wouldn't allow me right ? So, do it your way. I thought you make me happy. Maybe , just maybe Im wrong. I should have known all along. You know there are so many of those nights where i scream my lungs off with headsets attached just to figure out what i did that fucked things up. grr. Do what you wanna do and i hope you're happy :)

There was this one time i loved you.
Smiled because of you
and would do anything for you.

Now, I do everything to make myself believe that
i dont love you
smile eventhough it hurts.
and i know I'd still do anything for you
but I know you wouldn't let me.
Simply because you dont believe in me anymore. :'(

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