Friday, November 12, 2010

Say Goodbye - Chris brown

The last time i checked the calendar, i remember that it was at least a week more till the semester break starts, but little did u know, im left with only 4 days before the whole foundation course is over. And to tell you the truth, its heartbreaking. The past 3 semester of foundation has been nothing but AMAZING, and for it to end, its just so sad. There's gonna be 4 more years here in this campus but its enver gonna be the same like foundation. Degree would just be DIFFERENT. Different classmates, different subjects & a whole different life. To all my classmates (F1C,F2C,F3C), you guys have been such cupcakes to me and for that, i thank you. Thanks for all the great days we had together & sorry for all my wrongdoings. We may go our separate ways in the years to come, but whatever it is, you guys will always be close knitted to my heart. I love you.

PS: Way too many pictures. Internet selow, cant upload :P


Hanis Ayuni said...

ohh, sedihnyaa.
seriously sedihh. :(
gonna miss all the moments together. :'(
hmmm, see you next year. love youu. :)

PinQib said...

teng god, i dont have to xperience the same thing u guys have to.

although, id love to