Thursday, November 18, 2010

One republic - Secrets

Things has been pretty much fucked up for me. I just dont seem to understand my friends anymore. When i think of them, do they even think of me? Why am i always the one people run to when they have problems with their fucked up life? I dont find it a burden for you guys to look for me and talk to me, but where were you when i needed you ? I fucking hate this damn feeling. The feeling of getting pissed off with you guys and yet pretending everything is alright. Sometimes i wish you guys would understand when and when not to talk to me. I know im suppose to be there for you, but sometimes i need my own space. Gimme a break, would you ? We all hve problems. u have yours and i have mine. Dont make it such a big issue and pretend that you're gonna die that fucking instance. GOSHDAMMIT. And please, dont question the things i do. SO what if im going out with someone of a different religion? It seriously is none of your goddamn business bitch. DAMN. the more i write, the meaner i get. Bye.

Im generally nice, just dont cross me BITCH .
Thank You

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Hanis Ayuni said...

wow wow. scary la machaaaa.
u ckp kat sape ni syg? -.-'