Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nickelback - Far away

Loving the right person at the wrong time or having the wrong person when the time is right; finding out you love someone after that person walks out of your life. For some, they think that letting go is a way of expressing how much they love that person. Some are afraid to see the one they love being held by someone else. Most often, we fall in love with the person we think we love, but to only discover that for them, we are just for past times. While the one who truly loves us remains either your friend or a stranger. In the game of love, it doesn’t really matter who won or who lost. What’s important is that you know when to hold on and when to let go. You know that you love someone when you want him or her to be happy, even if their happiness means that you’re not apart of it. Everything happens for a reason and for it’s best.

If the person you loved doesn’t love you back, don’t be afraid to love someone else again for you’ll never know unless you give it a try.You’ll never truly love a person, unless you risk for their love; love strives in hurting. If you don’t get hurt, then you won’t learn how to love. Love doesn’t hurt all the time; though the hurting is there to test you, to help you grow. Don’t find love, let love find you; that’s why it’s called falling in love because you don’t need to force yourself to love, you just fall. You cannot finish a book without closing the chapter. If you want to move on, then you have to leave the past as you turn the pages. Love is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a single caress. But why is it that the greatest irony of love is letting go when you want to hold on, and holding on when you need to let go? You can never find the right person if you can never let it go of the wrong, but at the same time the moment you feel like letting go, you remember you held on for so long. Sometimes, you have to forget what you want and remember what you deserve.

To love is to risk rejection,

To live is to risk dying and

To hope is to risk failure.

To reach for another is to risk involvement,

To expose your feelings is to expose your true self.

To love is to risk not being loved in return.


Anonymous said...

amazing :)

Anonymous said...

to love is to be hurt...