Monday, November 1, 2010

If you really knew me

If you really knew me :

You wouldn't judge me. You'd accept me, you'd love me.

You would know that I wanna be more than just friends.

You'd know im not okayy even when I said eveything is fine.

You'd know how hard it is for me to trust & fully love someone.

You'd know that im no sweet talker.

You'd know i really love it when we hold hands.

You'd know i cry way too much for you.

You'd know its so hard for me to control myself when im with you.

You'd know that i try to love myself each day.

You'd know that im frustrated that you make the same mistakes again & again.

You'd know that i forgive you because i need you in my life.

You'd know that it hurts.

wishes are overrated,
so are you.


Anonymous said...

i know u..u r my senior..hoho:)

PinQib said...

haha. lol..
iskk.. stopppp evaaa... be me......