Friday, November 12, 2010

Hero of the week - Hanis Ayuni

Hanis Ayuni :)

I know the past week has been really really BAD for you.
But, the fact that you went through it well, im so so so

Sorry kalau i marah marah you time you nangis, I dont mean too.
I just dont like seeing you in tears. I hope you understand.
And babe, Congrats sebab finals went well for you. Sgt Bangga :)

ouhh ouhh, remember that sometimes people tend to say things they dont
mean too. Especially masa marahh. Sabarr okay :')
Im really sure you & him will be fine again. (;

And babe, no matter what happens and who leaves you,
ill always be here for you :) PROMISE.
You're my amazing, gorgeous, coward & Strong HERO .



Hanis Ayuni said...

goshhhh, i'm touched. :')
thanks eva. i love u too. :)
jahat doe panggil i coward, hehe.
babe, tq sbb selalu ade bila i sedihh.
you're my everything. I Love you more than words can say, huhu. Thanks again. Wo Ai Ni. (",)

PinQib said...

hehe.. kesian hanis. everyone is being....................... sooooo matured.^^