Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Glory glory Man United :)

After browsing to man. united's website last night, i realised that its been a VERY VERY VERY long time since i last watched them play. Ouhh gosh. I miss football. It kinda suck that CR left, but then again, who needs him anyway :) Heee. I hate the fact that the girl's TV room in campus has no astro. How am i ever gonna be able to watch football :( Ouhh someone, please take me out for Man . Utd's game next year. Pleaseeeeeeee. Pretty Pleassseee.

The pictures below are pictures of some of my favourite football players. Hikhik. Trust me, you'd love them too. Go MAN U .

I hate ARSENAL -.-'

Rio Ferdinand
Jersey Number 5

I miss your amazingly great hair do! :(

Javier Hernandez.
Jersey Num 14 :)
Marryyyyyyyy me Hernandez !

Ryan Giggs
Jersey Number 11

I love you for the love you have for Manchester United :)

Federico Macheda
Rome, Italy
Jersey Number 27

He's my ageee! And shares the same birthday as Khalid.
Damnn. Definitely a babe magnet :)


PinQib said...

i hate Chelsea.. heheh

teyhah said...


PinQib said...

hehe,, i wish CR7 masih adaa.. t-t