Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everytime you lie

you told me on a sunday
that it wasn't gonna work
i tried to cry myself to sleep
cause it was supposed to hurt

we sat next to the fire
as the flame was burning out
i knew what you were thinking
before youd say it aloud

don't say you're sorry
cause i'm not even breaking
you're not worth the time that this is taking

i knew better
than to let you break my heart
this soul you'll never see again
won't be showing scars
oh no no

you still love her
i can see it in your eyes
the truth is all that i can hear
everytime you lie
everytime you lie

i woke up the next morning
with a smile on my face
and a long list of gentlemen
happy to take your place
less trashier much classier
then who you prove to be

how longs it ganna take before
you see that shes no me

at night, awake
i will be sleeping till morning breaks
that's the price you pay
for your mistakes
goodye to dreaming

so don't say you're sorry
cause i'm not gonna listen,

sorry's just a word even the dumb can say.
save your SORRYS.

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