Sunday, October 24, 2010

Seconhand Serenade - Awake

October is coming to an end and its been a tiring month. Volunteer work at a concert, group studies, presentations & Finals is in a week and birthday is in 2 days. I really want him to be the first to wish me. That would make my birthday perfect. Thanks to your KEDEGILAN , i dont get to celebrate this year's birthday with you. thats like a BIG DAMN. Whatever it is, get well soon :) Enuff is enough, Its time for real stuff now. I really need to study but im far from it. There seem to be something that is distracting me, but i just have no idea what it is. Its like i cant get my mind straight on anything. grrr. Im trying so hard to resist myself from indulging into crapp that may distract me but i just cant. I can go on and on about this but ill just stop. HAHAHA


you showed me why life is worth living
and for that i thank you . (;

The songs that play in my head reminds me of you
The smile that i fake is to please you
and every tear i shed is to show how much i really love you.