Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I wanna believe in us but i cant.

SORRY. u used to shine so bright but u no longer do. i miss how happy i was with you . i miss how well you used to treat me. I can sense that we are drifting apart & that sucks. Im sick of being the one who waits for you to sweep me off my feet. Im sick of staying up late just to have the chance to text you. Im sick of crying all night long for you and having eyebags around my eyes. Im sick of all your sorrys. Im sick of believing in us. Im sick of being stupidly in love with you. Im sick of getting lost in those pretty eyes of yours. Im sick of being a dreamer and dreaming of a happy ending. Im sick of laughing & smiling around pretending everything is alright when it isn't. Seriously, its not easy to move on. And the more you tell me, the harder it is for me to move on. So please dont. Sometimes i wish i could turn back the time when i first told you how i felt. Maybe if i didnt let you know how i felt, things would have been different. Everything is just so fucked up right now. What i want most right now is not for me to be happy. Its for you to be happy. Even if i don't make it into the picture to make you happy, i'll still be happy & contented . Do what you want but just don't hurt me :'(

We may not be as happy as you dreamed to be
but for once lets just allow ourselves to be
what we used to be and we really are.
Im sure it'l be okay.

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