Saturday, September 25, 2010

You. First. Everything.

You're not my boyfriend, you're not my love, but you really do seem like the first. The first crush, the first love, the first kiss, the first date & just like the first prom. You're just like the first in everything. But the biggest problem now is i'm not even your first. Not even a consolation and that pretty much sucks. I mean, i wish you'd know that u actually mean everything to me or at least something to me. Honestly, i don't need to be your first or your everything or anything close to that, i just wish i mean something to you. I do appreciate all the little things u do for me, the slightest things you say that make me smile and definitely the moments we spent together. But then again, i wish you would feel the same too. I know you're bad in showing people how u feel and what you actually mean, but seriously, it ain't that hard if you try harder. Sometimes, i don't wish for us to have a conversation but i just wanna sit next to you, let you know how i really feel and let you know everything that's hidden in me. I just want you to wipe the tears that roll down my cheeks as i unveil everything to you. I just want that warm hug that would comfort me and words that will tell me I'll be okay no matter what happens. It looks like much doesn't it? Maybe it is, i really don't know. I think the world of you and i really wish that you'd be mine but i know its IMPOSSIBLE. So, to whoever you're gonna date, I wish you all the best. Dear A, u have a lot in you that people love so trust me, it would be as easy as ABC & 123 for you. Saddens me, but having you in my life even not as a lover, is the best thing that could ever happen to me. Just so you know, the main reason i blogged about this was because i realised i'm only your present & im never gonna be your future. Thanks for everything. I love u.

1 year 3 months & 1 week & 5 days


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PinQib said...

looking at the final date, i guess, i knw who this entry refers to. hahahahaha.. =) i will pray for the best of u