Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ultimate Jackass Best Buddy

Well, you see those crazy photos up there? Laugh your heads off. They aren't pretty pictures but they surely are something. I mean, great moments are always captures in shitty photos anyways.This my fellow readers is the best buddy in the entire world to me. Amir Zaki bin Azhar. :') What more do you need when you have everything you want in a friend in just 1 guy ? Amazing kn ? A lecturer of mine once told me, friends are siblings God forget to give. Yeahh, i guess she's right. Seriously mir, you're not just a best OR true friend to me, you're also a lot like a brother. hee. And you guys out there, there is such thing as having opposite genders as best friends and not fall for them. So, stop asking me why im not dating him or why i don't fall for him. It sounds ridiculous when you do. And you know why ? Because falling fr Amir to me is just like falling for your own brother.-.-' Lastlyyy, thanks mir for all the 'nasihat'. I'll try to stay out of trouble because that's the last thing i need right now. Heee. Love ya & yeahh, i do wanna get 4 flat for finals, but its so tough. HAHAH. Im gonna miss you while im away & actually i already am :'(

PS : I dont really believe in best friends. He's what i call

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PinQib said...

hhaha.. i miss u old hair bhah!