Sunday, September 26, 2010

pretty much fucked up.

I FEEL AS THOUGH im struck by freaking disasters & heartbreaks. Its like, the moment you get miracles in your hands then its taken away from you for no valid reasons. Its kinda fucked up and it just seems to bother me . Emotional breakdowns every now and then is definitely NOT healthy for me. I just hate it when people cross me okay. So, please don't . I'm generally nice to people but once you cross me beetch, all you're looking for is being despised for no reason. So, if you want me to hate you and be a big bitch to you, by all means, do cross me . Its your choice. I get it that wishing for things in life is so overrated. Well babe, sorry okay because its my way on the highway not yours, not his. Sometimes I think all I need is a dozen of chocolates and great music. I don't need fake people around me telling me what i should and should not do because it seriously is my life & not yours. Yeahh i know as friends you're suppose to tell me whats right and wrong but if you think every step im taking in life is a mistake then bitch, im sorry i won't listen to you. Sometimes i miss the old me. The one who sees faith in everything that happens. The one who doesn't break down so easily. The one who could smile even when the wounds are still sore. Just the old evanna. Its just that my heart is searching for the right me and sometimes it'll be good if im given the chance to do so. Im emotional, im pretty messed up in many ways but im me so take it or leave. And yes, call me stupid for liking or loving a guy fr such a long period of time but then again bbes, its my choice right ? When the time comes for me to stop all these affection & love stuff then it will. This post is not meant for anyone in particular. Its a general post for evreybody. Thank you -.-'



Anonymous said...

yes, i understand your situation and I do hate people that trying to cross me. naaaahhh. don't worry, i xckp ape2 dah lepas ni.
but i still be with you and the most important is, i love you. :')

-Hanis Ayuni-

PinQib said...

ewm.. me oso.. i don even care if people tell my way of dresssing is super fuck disgusting or sooo totally kampung, it is just me. i love me. hehe

i love both of u..