Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Insensibility -.-'

The insensibility that is rushing in and out of my brain
is seriously killing the fuck out of me.

TODAY is the day when everything fell into pieces. the day when i felt as if you never really cared. the day when i feel so insensible. It feels like i cant think straight about anything. The day when i feel like everything is being a bitch to me. Talking about one sided love this morning really reminds me of the past or perhaps the present. While i’m posting this entry so many things are running around my mind. And the main thing is definitely you, A. Its funny when you feel like you are ready enuff to let go of someone but the thoughts of living a day without them haunts you. Damn, I just wish i have the ability to control my feelings well. Grr. Im trying to chill and relax but my emotions just seem to get carried away. I wanna be that strong girl i used to be . the one who is always okay and never really sheds her tears. Some people around me seem so destructive. I just wish i could ask them what the fuck do they want out of my life. huh. If you’re trying to break me apart from the life i have right now, just do it smartly k (: It ain’t that hard. I don’t understand what the fuck i have ever done to your life, but seriously if you have a life please live it and don’t waste you freaking time trying to ruin mine. Because you’re never ever gonna have the chance to do so. Please don’t question the things i do and the steps i make ALL THE TIME. You wanna show me that you care but seriously, you’re just being a busybody. -.-

Hate me or love me, im still gonna be me


evanna (:


Anonymous said...

lol.. why babe.. why didnt u tell me anything.. neber seen u in tears.and havnt heard any of ur f*cked up stories. so, really couldt do anything. i wish u would share, if u need someone else to talk to.....


Anonymous said...

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