Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 1

Bella's 19th (:
15 interesting facts (:
  1. Im into piercings and tattoos
  2. When i shampoo my hair, i wash my body with soap, TWICE (:
  3. I am so into CRISTIANO RONALDO
  4. Im optimistic though people think im not.
  5. Beer doesnt make me drunk. Vodka does.
  6. Im a sweet talker. yes i am . but im NOT a HYCORITE
  7. I never hate someone but when i do, ill hate them forever.
  8. I believe in miracles & magic
  9. I cant live a day without my phone
  10. My wardrobe is full of skinnies & statement shirts
  11. Die hard MANCHESTER UNITED fannn :)
  12. I only say sorry when i mean it
  13. I cant live without sports
  14. I believe in the karma
  15. I have more GUY friends than girls.
15 facts :) Bear that in mind !


Hanis Ayuni said...

okayyy. betoiii. :)
another one, you should say this,
"saya kuat makan. perut saya macam tong."

Evanna :) said...

i knw i knw. tapi, rasenye sume org taw tuuu ! HAHAHA

PinQib said...

haa.. tru sngat part fon tu.. memang laa ang x kan lepas punyer

Evanna :) said...

qib :) HAHAH. eva mmg camtuu. sygg phone :P