Sunday, August 22, 2010

A wrap up (:

It is so typical of me to leave something unattended. And now,my abandoned lil blog is the victim of being unattended. Its not that I dont care, i just feel so empty and clueless on what to blog about. Alryteee, so you see. Sem 3 is on and EVERYBODY is being a bitch. I mean the people in college. Sikit- sikit gossip. Macam tade keje lain. Sikit sikit mengumpat. Tak rase bazir air liur ka ? Kadang- kadang kalau kita tak puas hati dgn seseorang, lagi bagus kalau kita terus bagitau diorg depan2. And tak semestinya kita kena malukan seseorang when we confront them . Seriously, truth hurts but being stabbed in the back, it hurts even more. Terlalu banyak CONFLICT yang berlaku semester ni. It sometimes makes me wanna give up. Tapi, kalau fikir balik, mmg wasted sangat nak berhenti. Conflict ngan kawan2 , and parents. Sometimes, i wish i was never born into this world. But my mummy always say that Tough times NEVER last, but tough people do. Therefore, im gonna stand tall and just face even the MOST FUCKED UP time and moment in campus with a smile. Nothing is ever gonna break me down. :)

Sumpah merapuuu dalam belog nie. HAHAH. okayy, the last 2 months has been so bad for me. Arguments and tears mmg tak dapat nak dielakkan :'( Sumpahhh sedihh. Tapi, kadang2 kalau kite sedih, we just have to pretend EVERYTHING is alryteee to make ourselves feel better. huhuuuu. :'( It doesnt really work but as long as manusia manusia dio sekeliling kita are not affected, its good enuff.

Okayyy, mmg byk sgt nk tulis tapi mesti tak larat and tak cukup space. hee. So, im gonna stop now and buat ASSignment. Kalau Hanis dapat tau im blogging, she'll KILL me. hee.

One more thing before i end.

I really love u guys okayyy :)

Afifah Che Aziz
Anis Nurdinie binti Azizan
Farah binti Saparuddin
Fatin Afiqah binti Puaadi
Fathin Nabila
Fatimah Azzahra
Hanis Ayuni binti Zaman
Nurul Munirah Yakath Ali

Sorry kalau pernah offend korg in any way ;')
I love u guys and i love the bond we have now :)


hafiz syamir said...

chill out babe

bella said...

yeah, i'll confront u okayy! love u too babe.
just let bygone, be bygone.