Thursday, August 26, 2010


its funny how im always puzzled with the things that have been going on. I mean recently. Life is never gonna be the same again. i wonder what its like if i were to change myself. from the loud , annoying. sports crazy person to a quiet little inferior girl who doesnt dare to voice out her opinions and thoughts. changing to a typical girl who everyone adores instead of being the real me. i wonder if it even makes a difference if im dead. i seriously am so puzzled. :'( Its like, everything from A to Z has change in life and i really wanna know if changing me makes a difference. Its like, even when i put on a little weight, its already a big deal to many people. if i were to be a little fatter in future, would people still love me the way they do now . Would they ? I want change. i long for change and I need change. Just for a moment i would like to know what its like to be different. Would people react and treat me differently ? I wonder. and yes, PUZZLED .

p/s : People change through time. :')


Hanis Ayuni said...

walaupun u gemok ke, hape ke, bontot besar or what, i still love u okeyh. jgn ckp org xsyg u if u berubah. org yg immature je yg akan buat mcm tu. btw, just ignore other people and think of yourself first. and yes, people change through time. i will always be with u FRIEND. love you evanna devi. :')

PinQib said...

x payah change. nnt klu u change, sape nak love i lg>

Evanna :) said...

heee, thanKISS people :)